Save the date: EAPA-SA Eduweek 15-18th September

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Save the dates: EAPA-SA Eduweek 15-18th September


Save the dates: EAPA-SA Eduweek 15-18th September

The 2020 EAPA-SA Eduweek Theme:

Uniting for Trans4mation

#eapsunite #eapisheretostay #letsdoittogether

The employee assistance industry in South Africa is a nation builder.  In EAP’s pivotal role of assisting organisations and employees in the private and public sector in South Africa to transform and overcome, our viewpoint matches President Ramaphosa’s   In a post-Rugby World Cup letter, dated 4 November 2019, President Ramaphosa wrote:

“We are united by the vision of a country where the divisions of the past can be overcome, a nation of equality, dignity and respect for human rights. Over the past 25 years, we have been working together to build that nation. And while this is still very much a work in progress, we are firmly on the path to unite, renew and transform our society.

The spectre of racism, sexism, tribalism, xenophobia, homophobia and other forms of intolerance has on occasion taken root in our society and has blindsided us as we strive towards our national objective of creating a non-racial, non-sexist, democratic, prosperous and tolerant society.

But we have always come back, even when we stood at the brink of tipping over. Saturday was a triumphant day as it confirmed what we are as a nation, firm in its resolve to find unity in its diversity, as exemplified in our national rugby team which is transforming beautifully, being presented to the world with its first black captain.”

We are nation building agents, assisting one employee and one company at a time.  Each individual employee and their family who we serve, together make up our nation. These are people who are in need of our assistance in transformation to cease propagating inequality, racism, sexism and intolerance, or to overcome the physical and psychological wounds these plagues have inflicted upon them. 

To make sweeping change a reality it is important that EAP, as an industry:

  • are united in purpose #letsdoittogether
  • are dedicated to both building the EAP industry and maintaining its standards #eapisheretostay



The EAPA-SA Board and the Organising Committee welcome you to our 22nd Anniversary Event, the EAPA-SA Eduweek.  


EAPA-SA offers a week long, annual event which is focused on the education of members and others in the EAP industry; networking; and growth of the industry at large.  Our commitment to creating positive change through education and training is communicated in the event name.



The EAPA SA Eduweek provides a platform to learn from experts in the field as well as keeping abreast with the latest developments in the field. It carries a maximum of 16 continuous professional development (CPD) points which are mandatory to professionals in the field of employee health and wellness.

The benefits of attendance and participation can be summarized as follows:

To receive training aligned to the identified skills as reflected in the employee’s personal development plan for 2020/21.

For Employee Wellness this is the only association that exists in SA for professionals to be trained on recent developments.

To obtain the continuous professional development (CPD) points which are required by the relevant professional statutory body as a mandatory requirement.

Eduweek brings together professionals, service providers and industry experts, showcasing the latest resources in the EA industry as well as providing opportunities to network with peers and industry leaders.

The Association Annual General Meeting (AGM) takes place during Eduweek, thereby allowing members to actively contribute to governance and the strategic direction of Employee Wellness in South Africa.

The registration fee includes a one-year free membership with the Association, which is necessary to ensure the highest level of practice. The programme content of Eduweek is quality assured by topmost EAP specialists in South Africa to ensure optimal learning.



Eduweek caters to CEO’s; HR Directors; EAP Wellness Practitioners; Occupational Health & Safety; Clinical Psychologists; Occupational Therapists; Labour Relations; Transformation Specialists; Organisational Development Managers and HIV & Aids Coordinators.


This year we will host our Eduweek at Sun City in the North West Province.

As an event venue, their wide array of meeting rooms, training facilities, breakaway and pause areas, banquet venues, and professionally trained staff, the Sun City was an easy choice for this year’s Eduweek.

With the ability to easily accommodate our delegates on all fronts, we look forward to many productive hours, whilst enjoying the fresh air of Sun City.

Home to the Valley of Waves and sprawled along the border of the Pilansberg National Park,
Sun City Resort enjoys the fine distinction of being the only surf-and-safari destination
within a two-hour drive of Johannesburg. 

Sun City Resort is famous for hosting some of the most iconic events in South Africa, including the annual Nedbank Golf Challenge and the Miss South Africa beauty pageant.

Our main sessions will take place in the newly refurbished Convention Centre.

Eduweek Organising Committee

Thiloshni Govender

Thiloshni Govender


Radhi Vandayar

Radhi Vandayar


Bernedette Roberson

Bernedette Roberson


Dr. Marion Borcherds

Dr. Marion Borcherds


Jimmy John Lenong

Jimmy John Lenong


Pravesh Bhoodram

Pravesh Bhoodram


Joel Mzwandile Gumede

Joel Mzwandile Gumede