Thank you for your interest in presenting at The 22nd Annual EAPA-SA Eduweek 2020. With a limited number of speaking slots, the Committee carefully considers the information provided in each proposal during the selection process.

How can you increase the chance your proposal will excite the Committee and earn a top spot in the rankings?

1. Read all 6 of the informations pages before beginning the submission process.

2. Customise your proposal content to relate to the Eduweek theme.

3. Review the Eduweek focus areas and customise your presentation to the one focus area that most closely matches the content of your presentation.

4. Have a short, catchy and descriptive title. Titles over 85 characters will need to be shortened for publication.

5. Write and edit your proposal in this Word Document template, then cut and paste your text into the online submission form.

6. If you use Word to edit your proposal, cut and paste it into Notepad before entering it into the submission form. This removes “special characters” the submission form cannot read correctly and will make your submission look much better.

7. Sell your proposal. You have up to 350 words to give a broad description of the material you’d like to present. Use this to capture the imagination of the Committee. Use the second 100 word field to draft what you’d like to see in the final Eduweek Programme to attract your attendees to your session.

8. Sell yourself! You know you’re an expert on your topic and an excellent presenter. But the Committee won’t know unless you tell us why you are the right person with the right topic to make EAPA-SA’s next Eduweek THE place to be. Use up to 250 words to stand out from the crowd. Use the 50 word biography for Publication field to draft what you’d like to see about you in the final Eduweek Programme.

9. Co-presenters can be added either now or after the initial acceptance of your proposal. Be sure to send us your co-presenter information, including their 50 word bios for publication.

10. The best written proposals have the best chance for success! Don’t forget to grammar check and spell check your submission.



Speakers can attend the rest of the sessions on the day of their presentation free of charge. R500 will be charged for any other day you wish to attend.

A reduced price will be charged for other activities like: Workshop Training (R1,000.00) and the Presidential Awards Dinner (R200.00)


Please ensure the font you use in your presentation is easy to read and no smaller than font 16. We recommend using a simple font and avoid using script, cursive or italic fonts.

The rooms can be very large and we want everyone to be able to read your presentation


If you have any questions, please contact us.

EnOv8 Event Management
Tel: 021 447 0321


Key dates for Speakers

January 2020: Open "Call for Papers"

14 February 2020: Deadline for Speaker Submissions

2 March 2020: Successful speakers are notified

1 August: Speaker deadline to register online as a delegate

15 August: Final date for submission of PowerPoint presentations to EAPA-SA

15th - 18th September: EAPA-SA Eduweek 2020