Speakers: The Web Pages to Read In Preparation

If you would like to apply to speak at our Eduweek, please read all of the terms, conditions and information on these FIVE pages. The sixth button is the actual application form.

The information contained on these pages will assist you with all the information required to have your application be successful, and to have an enjoyable experience at the event. 

Speakers: Process To Apply

Please read the pointers below, so as to make your application run smoothly:


1. Collating your application info:

Please write and edit your proposal in a this Word Document template, then cut and paste your text into the online submission form (last stage).

Do not create your submission online, as there is a risk that you can lose your work. More information is provided at Step 5.


2. Information marked with an asterisk (*):

This information will be displayed EXACTLY AS YOU ENTER IT on the website and published in the programme.


3. Your Profile Photo:

Please have a professional and high resolution head and shoulder photo ready when you do the online submission. Please do not submit cell phone pictures. They should be professional pictures with a white background. 


4. Word limits:

Where a word limit is indicated, the form will not let you enter any more information that exceeds the defined limit.


5. Reviewing process:

The Organising Committee will begin reviewing the submissions while the Call for Speakers is open.


 6. Travel and Accommodation

EAPA-SA is a non-profit organisation and does not pay for travel and accommodation of speakers


When you are ready, copy and paste your proposal from the template in this Word Document template into the online Speaker Application form. The word document template and the link to this form can be found at the end of page 5 How To Apply .

PLEASE DO NOT create your proposal while you are online as you may lose your work.


Key dates for Speakers

January 2020: Open "Call for Papers"

14 February 2020: Deadline for Speaker Submissions

2 March 2020: Successful speakers are notified

1 August: Speaker deadline to register online as a delegate

15 August: Final date for submission of PowerPoint presentations to EAPA-SA

15th - 18th September: EAPA-SA Eduweek 2020