Important Notes To Remember:

  1. Please write and edit your proposal in a text editor (Notepad or Word Document – template at the bottom of this page), then cut and paste your text into the online submission form. Do not create your submission online as there is a risk that you can lose your work. (Click here to use our Word Document for ease of use)
  2. Information marked with an asterisk (*) will be displayed EXACTLY AS YOU ENTER IT on the Eduweek website and published in the programme.
  3. Please have a high resolution head and shoulder photo ready when you do the online submission.
  4. Where a word limit is indicated, the form will not let you enter any more information that exceeds the defined limit.
  5. The Organising Committee will begin reviewing the submissions while the Call for Speakers is open.
  6. The Closing Date for submissions is 6th May
  7. Successful applicants will be notified by 23rd May
  8. Presentations are to be submitted for approval by 15th August
  9. EAPA-SA is a non-profit organisation and does not pay for travel and accommodation of speakers

PLEASE DO NOT create your proposal while you are online as you may lose your work.


How To Complete Your Speaker Application Form:

Information marked with an asterisk (*) will be displayed EXACTLY AS YOU ENTER IT on the website and published in the programme. Where a word limit is indicated, the form will not let you progress if your entry exceeds the defined limit.


Personal Information (For you, your co-presenter and panellists, if any).

  • Title*
  • Name (First & Last)*
  • Suffix*
  • Degree/s*
  • Council Registration*
    • Please confirm if you are registered with the HPCSA, SACSSP or any other council or statutory body? Please state the name of the body and your registration number? Write “n/a” if this does not apply to you
  • Email*
  • Cell Phone Number*
  • Landline telephone number*
  • Company Name*
  • Company Address (Street & Number)*
  • City*
  • Province*
  • Postal Code*
  • Country
  • Your Photo
    • Please upload a high-resolution head and shoulder photo of yourself for the programme and the website


Presentation Information 

  • Will you be presenting with another speaker?  Yes or No
    • And, if so, who will that be with?
  • Type of Presentation*
    • Plenary or
    • Training Workshop (2 hours) or
    • Short Workshop (45 minutes) or
    • Research Poster Presentation
  • Traditional or Non-Traditional Presentation?
    • If Non-Traditional, will you be including any additional unorthodox material or equipment in your presentation?
    • Please list these
  • Content Focus Area*
    • Individual Focus
    • Industry Focus
    • Organisational Focus
  • Presentation Title*
  • What kind of microphone would you like for your presentation?
    • Lapel Microphone
    • Countryman Headset
    • Podium/Lectern Microphone
    • Handheld Microphone
  • Biographical Information related to the topic*
    • This information should inform the Organising Committee of your professional experiences and/or academic qualifications related to the abstract. Prepare a descriptive paragraph or two rather than a resume (350 word limit).
  • Biography for Publication*
    • This will be published in the programme and on the website
    • It is not necessary to repeat any contact information (such as title, company) in this brief biography (50 word limit).
  • Your Speaking Experience
    • List three (3) content relevant speaking experiences (include dates, venues, topics presented and audience size).


Abstract Information

  • A rich description of your session.
  • 500 word limit


Audience/Objectives/Other Information

  • Session description*
    • Marketing language designed to attract attendees (100 word limit).
  • Learning objectives*
    • Must be behaviourally-based and observable. (e.g. attendees will be able to: 1. demonstrate a specific skill; 2. create a specific process, etc.).
    • Text entered here will be used for obtaining CPD credit and publication.
  • Audience Level
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
  • Would you like to present at local Chapter Seminars
    • Yes or No
  • Which of your contact details can we share with delegates?
    • Email Address – Yes or No
    • Cell Phone Number – Yes or No
    • Landline Number – Yes or No
    • PDF version of your presentation – Yes or No
  • If we record the proceedings of the event, do we have your permission to publish the recording?
  • Do you have any Specific Requirements? ie. dietary, seating, other
  • At the end of the submission form, you will be asked if you and your co-presenter/panellists agree to all the terms in the Speaker Terms & Conditions
    • (it should be a tick box yes – there is not an option to say no)


If you have any queries about your application, please contact Nicole.
EnOv8 Event Management
Tel: 021 447 0321
Cell: 076 4012 868



Speakers can attend the rest of the sessions on the day of their presentation free of charge. R500 will be charged for any other day you wish to attend.

Special reduced pricing will be charged for other activities like: Workshop Training (R1,000.00); and the Presidential Awards Dinner (R200.00).



Now You Can Apply

Once you have read all the pages, you can begin to create your application. Download the word document here: Speaker prep doc

Once you have completed your application on the word document, copy and paste the content into the online form: click here.


Please contact us if you have any queries

EnOv8 Event Management
Tel: 021 447 0321

If  you have not read all the information, please re-visit all these pages and read before you submit your application online: