The 2020 Eduweek Theme:

Uniting for Trans4mation


The Employee Assistance industry in South Africa is a nation builder.  In EAP’s pivotal role of assisting organisations and employees in the private and public sector in South Africa to transform and overcome, our viewpoint matches that of President Ramaphosa.  In a post-Rugby World Cup letter, dated 4 November 2019, President Ramaphosa wrote:

“We are united by the vision of a country where the divisions of the past can be overcome, a nation of equality, dignity and respect for human rights. Over the past 25 years, we have been working together to build that nation. And while this is still very much a work in progress, we are firmly on the path to unite, renew and transform our society.

The spectre of racism, sexism, tribalism, xenophobia, homophobia and other forms of intolerance has on occasion taken root in our society and has blindsided us as we strive towards our national objective of creating a non-racial, non-sexist, democratic, prosperous and tolerant society.

But we have always come back, even when we stood at the brink of tipping over. Saturday was a triumphant day as it confirmed what we are as a nation, firm in its resolve to find unity in its diversity, as exemplified in our national rugby team which is transforming beautifully, being presented to the world with its first black captain.”

We are nation building agents, assisting one employee and one company at a time.  Each individual employee and their family who we serve, together make up our nation. These are people who are in need of our assistance in transformation to cease propagating inequality, racism, sexism and intolerance, or to overcome the physical and psychological wounds these plagues have inflicted upon them.

To make sweeping change a reality it is important that EAP, as an industry:

  • are united in purpose #letsdoittogether
  • are dedicated to both building the EAP industry and maintaining its standards #eapisheretostay

Eduweek 2020 Logo Rationale: 

The dynamic transition from square to circle in the Eduweek 2020 logo illustrates the concept of transformation.
The logo’s multi-coloured palette, beyond making it accessible and inviting to members, communicates Eduweek 2020’s multi-faceted programme as it encompasses transformation in four areas: expansion, new challenges, existing challenges and industry maintenance/self-care. 
By design, the logo’s colour palette starts in the indigo/violet range – starting with colours that signify introspection – and ends with green to denote expansion and innovation.


Eduweek 2020 endeavours to: 

1. Challenge existing thinking, while continuing to provide proven strategies to develop and enhance an EA professional’s knowledge and understanding of the uniqueness of each workplace, in order to better serve both client companies and employees; Challenge existing thinking, while continuing to provide proven strategies to develop and enhance an EA professional’s knowledge and understanding of the uniqueness of each workplace, in order to better serve both client companies and employees;

2. Contribute to solutions and alternatives with respect to up-to-date and innovative interventions, assessments, and referrals as these pertain to employee/family identification, addictions and behavioural health in the workplace, with application to workplace issues resulting from:

  • Trauma
  • Substance abuse
  • Behavioural addictions
  • Mental health problems 
  • Disability management

3. Demonstrate opportunities for collaboration with client organisations (which includes human resources, existing union bargaining units, occupational medicine, and/or organisational consultants);

4. Prepare EA professionals for working with all variations of diverse employee populations – including the ageing employee, disability inclusion and LGBTQIA+- which requires cultural competence and expanded knowledge, skills and recognition of an ever-evolving and diverse workplace; and where the EA role encompasses working with the individual, as well in providing education and support for the manager and co-workers. 

5. Demonstrate EA role and EA service delivery in responding to, steering, and leading opportunities to advance workplace culture through EA knowledge and experience with diverse / special constituencies in the workplace, through disruptive event preparedness, and through an understanding of workplace, regulatory, and social norms.

6. Introduce and demonstrate technology that has enhanced EA impact on the workplace. Outcome measures need to be provided. 

7. Provide a direct and measurable link to enhancing overall employee wellness and well-being, and organisational culture.


Growing EAP

Integration of disciplines

Expansion of service offerings

Best practice


Success stories

Case studies


Dealing with common workplace problems


Substance abuse

Mental health


Diversity and inclusion

Gender issues

New workplace issues facing EAP

Cultural-bound syndromes

Generational blending

Toxic cultures

Toxic leaders

Cannabis in the workplace

Navigating change

The future of work

Critical facets in maintaining a healthy EAP industry

Critical ongoing education

Educational standards of EAPs

Train the trainer

Compassion fatigue

Self-care among EAPs

Keeping pace with needs

Rapidly changing workforce